Lessons by Michiel Turner

Located: Glasgow West End


Glasgow West End Guitar Lessons


I deliver one-to-one guitar lessons for players of all levels. Many of my students are jazz enthusiasts, which has led me to specialise in teaching beginner and intermediate jazz guitar. I also teach a range of other genres and styles and have notable experience as a fingerstyle guitarist. This has allowed me to help some of my other previous students who were aspiring songwriters looking to improve their accompaniment abilities.

Most of my lessons are held over Zoom, as it is currently the safest way to teach. However, I sometimes teach in my garden in the west end of Glasgow, on the off chance that the weather is nice.

I charge £25 for an hour lesson. This is a highly competitive rate and slots for lessons often book up quickly. I normally teach on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

I only teach up to five students per week, which allows me to develop specific lesson plans for each student and cater to each individuals learning style, particularly with my regular students.

In addition to teaching guitar, I run anam creative, a platform commissioning collaborative work between young musicians and artists based in Scotland. A key aspect of this role is to support the creative development of the collaborating artists through workshops and discussions. This work continues to enrich my guitar teaching practice and techniques.


"I have been taking jazz guitar lessons from Michiel since early this year. His method of teaching in my opinion has been exceptional in being able to quickly assess my existing skills, then moving me forward consistently over the piece with a fantastic blend of tunes and technique based upon the particular type of music I have most interest. He is an extremely personable teacher and has an excellent manner in being able to motivate you to reach out beyond your comfort zone. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending MIchiel to friend or stranger in terms of being able to either teach you as a beginner or improve your existing playing based upon his approach which consistently indicates a high level of preparation coupled with the flexibility to respond to specific questions about a wide range of both music and musical skills. As an older learner in my seventh decade I have been delighted by my progress to date." - Brian

"As an older rusty beginner, I felt quite nervous about restarting guitar lessons. However, I found that Michiel's approach was both encouraging and gentle and I looked forward to the lessons each week. He prepared well and sent through all the materials I needed. He also tailored the lessons to my needs. It was fun to be able to choose the songs I wanted to learn and play the easier versions to start with while building up my skills each week. What I also liked was that Michiel sensed when I needed to be pushed and stretched my skills so that learning was quick. I wholeheartedly recommend him as a guitar teacher." - Amanda

"From the moment I stepped into the room with Michiel, I felt completely comfortable. He had a great way of explaining the theory of the guitar without overloading me with information. He also pushed me to try things outside of my comfort zone, which really helped catalyse my learning. I've recommended Michiel to anyone who has even mentioned learning the guitar."- Declan